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What Is The Exceptional Day of Play?

The Exceptional Day of Play is a nonprofit Organization catered to providing accessible activities to children with special needs in Long Beach. "EDP" was founded by two High School students, Alexa King and Peyton Beeli, with an intention of creating a safe space for children with special needs and their families.  

Alexa’s younger sister, Chloe, has Angelman Syndrome, a rare and severe genetic disorder. Growing up with a sibling who has special needs presents moments of complete and utter joy; smiles are contagious and laughter is endless. However, it can also present many challenges. EDP’s co-founder, Alexa said, “I saw a requisite in the community, not just for my sister, but for all kids with diverse needs in our area”. To fill this aperture, Alexa and Peyton co-founded the Exceptional Day of Play.

Mysti Volmar, Chloe King, Alexa King


A place where you don't have to say "sorry". 

The Inspiration for "EDP"

Chloe's diagnosis meant a world without communication and a life full of missed opportunities. Simple tasks most families take for granted, like going to the grocery store, or to the park felt impossible. My mother and I searched for activities that we could do as a family, but time after time my sister was considered “too severe”. Other parents of children with disabilities expressed similar grievances, concerning their family’s social life and inability to participate in community events, due to a lack of accommodations for their children. There are countless sports teams, dance classes, clubs, and after school activities for neuron typical children, but when it comes to kids with special needs, the opportunities are practically non-existent. Programs with lackluster explanations have turned these children away, countless times, however since the founding of The Exceptional Day of Play, children like my sister now have a place where they can be themselves. These events are a necessity for our community, and provide a sense of belonging for parents and their children.


The Days of Play

  • A safe environment for children with special needs.
  • Tactile sensory bins that enhance a child's fine motor skills.
  • Accessible games and activities, for children with disabilities.  
  • Sensory arts and crafts.
  • A splash zone including water sensory tables, water beads, bubbles and more! 

Our Team

All EDP staff members are high school and college students who aspire to impact the lives of all children.

Alexa King

Dagny Canzoneri


Libby Shull

Founder and President
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